No Police Card Set for 2013 Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Police Department and surrounding municipalities have been handing out Milwaukee Brewer cards to young kids and adults for 30 years.  2013 will be different.  Due to lack of funding, there will be no police cards issued this year.  Funding came from various sources but a local card dealer explained that department budget cuts had to do with the decision not to produce them.  This sounds like a job for RetroCards!

To commemorate the occasion, I have designed a card paying tribute to Ryan Braun.  This may someday develop into a full Brewer team set but begin “retro,” I will probably wait another 20 years before actually do it.  So here is what it will look like.  In 20 years it will be interesting to see how we will view sports figures that used PEDs.  As for now, it is hard to imagine the use of PEDs ever being “okay.’ 

Braun was going to be Milwaukee’s next shot at having one of their home-grown players be in the Hall Of Fame.  He not only cheated himself out of a chance to be in elite company, but he also cheated a whole baseball community of sharing in that pride.  We expect to be lied to by politicians, but not by our sports figures!  That’s starting to change.