RetroCards Focuses On The Great National Pastime

"1974 topps George Brett" "1974 Robin Yount topps" "1976 reggie jackson topps traded" "1967 topps nolan ryan" "1974 Frank tanana" "1977 Dick Ellis topps"

One of my favorite pitchers from my childhood was Frank Tanana.  Many times I watched him beat the Brewers at County Stadium and I always followed his career – 21 years in the majors!  In the mid to late 70s he was the number 2 pitcher behind Nolan Ryan and played in three All-Star Games (1976-1978) but he was just another durable pitcher with a tireless arm…rare these days.

RetroCards will be featuring several new baseball-style cards with some familiar faces that should have had cards certain years.  Look for team sets and single players in the coming months.