Cowboy Underdog Shares Secret To Success

Robert Steele Dallas Cowboys

Former athletes often time become more successful after their playing days are over.  They get into business, become motivational speakers, invest well, etc… Such is the case of long-shot wide receiver Robert Steele who elbowed his way onto arguably the most talented NFL roster in 1978, the Dallas Cowboys.  His book, Steele Here: An Underdog’s Secret To Success (Brown Books Publisher Group, 2011) depicts his unlikely road to playing on a Super Bowl team as well as his success after football. 

His former receiver coach Mike Ditka said of him, “The best thing I remember about him is that he practiced as hard as he played.  Robert would catch any ball thrown his way, run as many routes for our quarterbacks as their arms would throw, and sacrifice his body on special teams.”  After his time on the Cowboys, he moved on to the Minnesota Vikings and briefly, the Denver Broncos. 

Steele Here outlines his experiences in making it in the NFL and the journey after his playing days which led to an even greater success.  The book includes comments by Roger Staubach, Dan Reeves among others.  Check out the 5-star ratings on Amazon