1964 Cowboys: Still Building

Topps, Philadelphia Gum Cards, NFL

At the start of the 1963 season, the Cowboys were actually considered as a contender to win the Eastern Conference.  Don Meredith was now the full time starter and Bob Lilly was dominating on defense.  The Cowboys showed some offensive fire power but managed only a 4-10 record in 1963 and 5-8-1 record in 1964.  Much work was still needed as quality players were being added to the roster. Two of those players were star receivers Buddy Dial and Tommy McDonald.  With Frank Clarke having emerged as a legitimate deep threat, Cowboy fans were probably drooling at the though of all these great receivers.  Surprisingly, the offense started to sputter. Buddy Dial got hurt, McDonald didn’t produce, and Clarke’s yards per catch plummeted. Part of the offensive struggles were due to Don Meredith’s nagging leg injury and the poor kicking of rookie kicker Dick Van Raaphorst.  The defense carried the team and began to jell.

RetroCards adds some of those players in this 1964 Philadelphia Gum card style.  Players include: George Andrie, Amos Bullocks, Jim Colvin, Buddy Dial, Bob Fry, Mike Gaechter, Chuck Howley, Les Josephson, Jake Kupp, Tony Liscio, Warren Livingston, Billy Lothridge, John Roach, Jim Ray Smith, Jim Stiger, Don Talbert, Jerry Tubbs, and Maury Youmans. Get your set here!