1961 Dallas Cowboys: How Could They Get Worse?

After their inaugural 1960 season where the Dallas Cowboys posted a 0–11–1 record, expectation were not high. Of course it would be hard do to worse than their first season, but Tom Landry had much work to do. Though he installed a defense (the flex) the team had a hard time adopting and even understanding, the Cowboys pressed on winning three of their first four games in 1961. The league quickly caught up with them but some stars were starting to shine.

Don Perkins, who missed all of 1960 with a broken ankle rushed for 815 yards.  Eddie LeBaron made a Pro Bowler out of Billy Howton and young receiver developed into a deep threat. On the defensive side, Chuck Howley regained his speed after an injury that forced him to retire after 1959 and rookie Bob Lilly showed signs of stardom. Quarterback Don Meredith was still developing and helped the Cowboys to at 4–9–1 season.

This 18-card set includes: Gene Babb, Dick Bielski, Frank Clarke, Mike Connelly, Jim Harris, Don Healy, Bill Herchman, John Houser, Chuck Howley, Bill Howton, Eddie LeBaron, Bob Lilly, Warren Livingston, Amos Marsh, Don Meredith, Dick Moegle, Don Perkins, and Jerry Tubbs. Get it here!