Kolchak: RetroCards Adds Series II

RetroCards revels in giving a little cardboard love to some of our most beloved sports stars and tv personalities. Kolchak: The Night Stalker, the obscure 1970s precursor to the X-Files, is one that we got several requests for and so RetroCards has obliged with a second series of 18 night stalking cards!

Darrin McGavin stars as Carl Kolchak, reporter for the INS (Independent News Service of Chicago) who has the uncanny knack for discovering paranormal phenomenon that is wreaking havoc on Chicago. Though the show only lasted one season (1974-75) it left a lasting impression on fans and aspiring filmmakers, as it is often cited as having been influential.

Series two picks up where series one left off: adding more episodes, more monsters, and popular guest stars. In this series you find Antonio Fargas, Erik Estrada, Barbara Rhodes, Joann Pflug, Larry Linville, Keenan Wynn, Jamie Farr, Tom Skerrit and more. This series offers an orange border that is in clear contrast to the green boarder of series one. Get your set here!

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