1977 Cowboys Solidified the “America’s Team” Moniker

The 1977 Football set is arguably the most attractive football set of the decade.  With bright primary colors replacing the pinks and avocado greens of the 74-76 football sets, the 1977 set has long been a fan favorite.  It is the first RetroCard set to feature this year and the Cowboys are again in the spotlight.

It contains many players who were big contributors to the Cowboys run at Super Bowl XII when they defeated the Denver Broncos 27-13.  Players in the set included: Benny Barnes, Bob Breunig, Larry Cole, Doug Dennison, Bill Gregory, Thomas Henderson, Randy Hughes, Jim Jensen, Aaron Kyle, Burton Lawless, D.D. Lewis, Jethro Pugh, Jay Saldi, coach Tom Landry, a pre-rookie Tony Dorsett, and All-Pro Rayfield Wright card!  Free agent QB Steve Deberg and future Giant Beasley Reece also get their Cowboy debut in this new set. Get it here!