Monthly: October 2019


1965 Philadelphia Football Series Six

RetroCards returns with a final series for the 1965 Philadelphia Football card set. To date, there have been two team sets created (Packers & Cowboys) and 5 comprehensive series that include NFL players who didn’t have a card in the original set plus cards of AFL stars in this great design. To meet popular demand, a 6th series was added with even more NFL & AFL stars and semi-stars!

Series six includes: Red Phillips, Billy Kilmer, Bill Triplett, Palmer Pyle, Rip Hawkins, Paul Wiggin, Bobby Thompson, Homer Jones, Mike Henry, Richie Petitbon, Gary Cuozzo, Ernie Barnes, Pete Jaquess, Dick Westmorehead, Barry O’Dell, Art Powell, Bob Talimini, Paul Maguire, Billy Cannon, J.D. Garrett, Jacky Lee, plus 3 checklists covering 192 new RetroCards in the sytle of 1965 Philadelphia Gum football card! Order here!


Wonder Bread Cowboys of 1976

Many of the charming elements of card collecting have sadly gone away; getting a piece of gum in a pack whose flavor lasted about 15 seconds, cutting cards out of the back of a Twinkies box, trading cards with your buddies, or reaching deep into the plastic bag of a new loaf of bread to retrieve a card.

Those days seem to be a distant memory so RetroCards is offering some Wonder Bread cards minus the carbs. The 1976 Football Wonder Bread set was a favorite and one of three years (1974-1976) that Wonder distributed and all-NFL set.

This set includes: Ron Johnson, Preston Pearson, Golden Richards, Billy Joe Dupree, Drew Pearson, John Fitzgerald, Robert Newhouse, Bruce Walton, Roger Staubach, Harvey Martin, Ed Jones, Charlie Waters, Greg Schaum, Thomas Henderson, Randy Hughes, D.D. Lewis, Randy White, Mark Washington.


1962 Colt .45s: Inaugural Season

As one of two expansion teams in 1962, the Houston Colt .45s took the field on April 10, 1962 beating the Chicago Cubs 11–2. This was the start of a three game sweep of the Cubs. Eventually the league caught up with them and though they finished 36½ behind the San Francisco Giants, they finished 6 games ahead of the Cubs and 24 games better than the expansion Mets.

They would only keep their politically incorrect name for three seasons, trading “Colt .45s” for the “Astros” to coincide with the opening of the Houston Astrodome in 1965.

Though this first team was well represented in the regular baseball set in 1962, a few players were missed. This RetroCard set includes: Pidge Browne, George Brunet, Jim Busby, Jim Campbell, Dick Drott, Ernie Fazio, J.C. Hartman, Jim Umbright, George Williams, plus a Colts Stadium card and a commemorative Inaugural Season card.