Monthly: February 2020


The World Hockey Asscociation Had Gretzky – For A Moment!

Wayne Gretzky played a mere 8 games for the Indianapolis Racers during the 1978-79 season in the fabled World Hockey Association.  Though, like the American Basketball Association who were absorbed by the NBA, the WHA would be absorbed by the larger, more powerful National Hockey League.  Competing leagues always make life interesting for sports fans as owners and leagues compete for the best young talent.

This happened to a 17-year-old Wayne Gretzky at the perfect time – just when the WHA was nearing its end.  The 10-year personal services contract he signed was the longest at the time and he began a glorious career.

Defunct leagues and pre-rookie cards are targets for RetroCards “cards that never were” and Gretzky gets the first ever RetroCard for a hockey player.  The 1978-79 Hockey card set is used for this WHA card.


1960 Cowboys In A Bazooka Design

If you were lucky enough to get the last pack of Bazooka gum from the candy store between 1959 and 1971, you may have found a baseball or football card on the back to cut out.  Cards varied from year to year in size and style and are rarities for today’s collectors.

Those who have an interest in the early days of the Cowboys know how late in the game they joined the NFL during the 1960 season.  It was so late that they were not able to participate in that year’s draft and had to rely on the expansion draft to secure players.  The pickings were slim but several able-bodied players were given tryouts and some became long-time contributors whereas some just where there for a “cup of coffee.”

This RetroCards set is styled after the 1959 football Bazooka cards and gives this first Cowboys team a close look by featuring some very obscure players, including a few who didn’t even make the team.  Series One includes: Fred Cone, Bobby Gordon, L.G. DuPre, Frank Kuchta, Buzz Guy, Don Healy, Mike Falls, Ed Husman, Ray Fisher, Gerry Delucca, Bob Fry, John Gonzaga, Frank Clarke, Jim Doran, Tom Franckhauser, Gene Cronin, Dave Sherer, and Fred Dugan. Get your set here!


1963 Final Series

The 1962 NFL season was dominated by the Green Bay Packers who, at 13–1, exemplified what may have been the strongest Lombardi team ever. A Thanksgiving drubbing by the second strongest team, the Detroit Lions, barely slowed them down. The competition for players with the three-year old American Football League began to heat up as television ratings continued to rise.

This final set in the 1963 series offers team highlights and playoff cards to complement RetroCards 14 expansive team sets. Cards included are: NFL Championship, NFL Pro Bowl, NFL Playoff Bowl, Wrapper Card, the new Hall of Fame, Jim Taylor MVP, plus an action highlight for every team.

Make sure to check out all the individual team sets that contain 18-22 player cards of guys that didn’t have cards in the original set.