The World Hockey Asscociation Had Gretzky – For A Moment!

Wayne Gretzky played a mere 8 games for the Indianapolis Racers during the 1978-79 season in the fabled World Hockey Association.  Though, like the American Basketball Association who were absorbed by the NBA, the WHA would be absorbed by the larger, more powerful National Hockey League.  Competing leagues always make life interesting for sports fans as owners and leagues compete for the best young talent.

This happened to a 17-year-old Wayne Gretzky at the perfect time – just when the WHA was nearing its end.  The 10-year personal services contract he signed was the longest at the time and he began a glorious career.

Defunct leagues and pre-rookie cards are targets for RetroCards “cards that never were” and Gretzky gets the first ever RetroCard for a hockey player.  The 1978-79 Hockey card set is used for this WHA card.