Monthly: March 2020


Staying In? Look Through Some Old Cards!

RetroCards will continue to design, create and print old-style cards that we grew up with – we’ll keep you up to date on our production lines. In the meantime, stay in and go through your old cards, put them in those vinyl pages you’ve been meaning to do, and watch old games on YouTube. Stay safe.

I couldn’t find who created this so no credit can be given, but is it me or is this Gem Mint 10 a bit off center? Value goes way up if autographed by Mr. Whipple.


The Best Player To Never Make The Pro Bowl – Jethro Pugh

The passing of Cowboy great Jethro Pugh on January 7, 2015 was a reminder of some of the great players of the past who have gave many years of service but didn’t quite get the recognition they probably deserved.  Jethro Pugh has often been called “the best player to never have made the Pro Bowl.”  Having played on both the Doomsday I and Doomsday II defenses, he was overshadowed by Bob Lilly and George Andrie and then by Harvey Martin, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, and Randy White.  Though he played at a high level for 14 seasons, missing only 15 games out of 198, he was a quiet warrior, content with playing in the shadows of he teammates.  He was also a member of five Super Bowl teams and played in 21 playoff games.

Pugh, who former All-Pro cornerback Everson Walls once referred to as the “Old Gentleman of the Cowboys,” was admired for his quiet leadership and dedication to the game.  RetroCards has given this unheralded player lots of attention with over 20 “cards that never were.”