Three Forfeits Share One Thing In Common

The Decade of the 1970s never ceases to amaze and amuse sports fans.  It was a simpler time, full of quaint and heart warming stories that are still told on bar stools and in the stands of many a game.  However there were a few notorious moments that involved America’s Pastime that are getting the RetroCards treatment and those are the three forfeited games in that decade:  The Washington Senators final game (1971), Ten Cent Beer Night in Cleveland (1974), and Disco Demolition Night in Chicago (1979).  Each game has its own fascinating story but what links them together is that one athlete played in all three games:  Rusty Torres.

You can research the absurd and interesting situations surrounding each game and RetroCards is honoring these events with a special 4-card set; a Highlight (Lowlight?) card for each game plus a Rusty Torres Highlight card.