1983 New Jersey Generals

The New Jersey Generals made the biggest splash during the inaugural USFL season by signing the biggest college star, Herschel Walker. Oddly, in those days signing an underclassman was taboo and apparently several colleges stonewalled the USFL. No matter because the USFL made a killing by stealing some of colleges biggest stars like Trumaine Johnson, Kelvin, Bryant, Craig James, and Anthony Carter.

The Generals had great offense once Walker got rolling, but a low ranking defense accounted for their 6–12 record in 1983. This RetroCards sets concentrates on the 1983 General stars and contributors: Sam Bowers, Gene Bradley, Larry Brodsky, Maurice Carthon, Terry Daniels, Mike Friede, Kent Hull, John Joyce, James Lockette, Tom McConnaughey, Bryan Millard, Keith Moody, Greg Murtha, Bobby Scott, Herschel Walker, Mike Williams, Tom Woodland, and head coach Chuck Fairbanks. Get yours here.