1973 Redskins Featuring the Over the Hill Gang

The Redskins made the playoffs in 1971 for the first time in 26 seasons and coach George Allen went for the gusto in his second season with the team. To put the team over the top, Allen adopted a method of bringing in veterans he could count. Allen’s success in Los Angeles didn’t translate into a Championship, nonetheless Allen saw fit to bring as many Rams to Washington as he could: Diron Talbert, Jack Pardee, Myron Pottios in addition to several other veterans like Speedy Duncan, John Wilbur, Rosey Taylor, Alvin Haymond, Richie Petitbon and Roy Jefferson.

Despite injuries to Sonny Jurgensen, Billy Kilmer filled in and led the NFL in TDs and passer rating while running back Larry Brown won MVP honors. The “over the hill gang,” as they were dubbed, tallied an 11–3 record, good for 1st place in the NFC East Division. They entered the playoffs strong, polishing off the defending Super Bowl champs the Cowboys and dispensing with the passing challenged Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, they were facing the Miami Dolphins, who had managed to remain undefeated by beating the Redskins 14–7. Some fans suggest that if Jurgensen had been healthy, the Redskins could have beat the Dolphins. Anyway, it would thak another 10 years for the Redskins to bring a championship to Washington.

This RetroCards set features 24 Washington Redskins cards not found in the original football card set released in 1973. This custom set features Mack Alston, Bill Brundige, Bob Brunet, George Burman, Speedy Duncan, Alvin Haymond, Ken Houston, Mike Hull, Jon Jaqua, Jimmie Jones, Sonny Jurgensen, Horold, McLinton, Clifton McNeil, Herb Mul-Key, Jack Pardee, Ray Schoenke, Manny Sistrunk, Rosey Taylor, Rusty Tillman, Ted Vactor, Sam Wyche, and NFC Champions card, and a head coach card of George Allan.  Get it here!


1983 New Jersey Generals

The New Jersey Generals made the biggest splash during the inaugural USFL season by signing the biggest college star, Herschel Walker. Oddly, in those days signing an underclassman was taboo and apparently several colleges stonewalled the USFL. No matter because the USFL made a killing by stealing some of colleges biggest stars like Trumaine Johnson, Kelvin, Bryant, Craig James, and Anthony Carter.

The Generals had great offense once Walker got rolling, but a low ranking defense accounted for their 6–12 record in 1983. This RetroCards sets concentrates on the 1983 General stars and contributors: Sam Bowers, Gene Bradley, Larry Brodsky, Maurice Carthon, Terry Daniels, Mike Friede, Kent Hull, John Joyce, James Lockette, Tom McConnaughey, Bryan Millard, Keith Moody, Greg Murtha, Bobby Scott, Herschel Walker, Mike Williams, Tom Woodland, and head coach Chuck Fairbanks. Get yours here.


Pittsburgh Steelers – 1976 Possibly Their Best Team

Considered by the fans and ownership to be the greatest team in franchise history, the 1976 Steelers limped into the AFC Championship Game to face the Raiders without their two star running backs Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier and lost. This season is notable because the Steeler defense only gave up a total of 28 points total during the the final eight games of the season. Although of those last 8 games, only one team they played made the playoffs, they are often graded higher than all six world championship teams.

This 18-card set features: Jim Allen, John Banaszak, Jim Clack, Bennie Cunningham, Sam Davis, Jack Deloplaine, Gary Dunn, John Fuqua, Ernie Holmes, Ray Mansfield Gerry Mullins, Earnest Pough, Andy Russell, Donnie Shell, John Stallworth, Loren Toews, Chuck Noll, and a special Highlight card of “Two 1,000-yard Rushers,” featuring Rocky Bleier and Franco Harris. Get your set here.


Swingin’ Chicks of the 60s – TV Starlets


This special non-sport set features the most desirable female TV stars of the 1960s. Utilizing the classic 1962 football design, RetroCards has created something special that no longer overlooks the feminine side of card collecting.

This set includes 18 beautiful women who graced our television sets in the 1960s. It includes: Julie Newmar as Catwoman, Barbara Eden as Jeannie, Dawn Wells as Mary Ann, Diahann Carroll as Julia,  Marlo Thomas as That Girl, Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, Tina Louise as Ginger, Stephanie Powers as the Girl From U.N.C.L.E., Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, Anne Francis as Honey West, Barbara Feldon as Agent 99, Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter, Pat Priest as Marilyn Munster, Donna Douglas as Elly May, Goldie Hawn of Laugh In, Peggy Lipton from the Mod Squad, and Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie. Coming soon!


1983T Michigan Panthers – USFL’s First Champ

The upstart USFL was determined not to embarrass themselves as the mid-1970s World Football League did. Deeper pockets and wider vision were at the foundation of the USFL and the first 12 teams provided excitement and plenty of star power.

The Panthers started slow and then opened the checkbook and signed key offensive lineman in midseason. This proved to be the key that gave them the strength to win it all after a disappointing 1–4 start. New superstars emerged like Bobby Hebert, Anthony Carter, and John Corker and the cast of supporting players were also solid. This set features: John Banaszak, Bono Bojovic, Anthony Carter, Clarence Chapman, Mike Cobb, Will Cokeley, John Corker, Thom Dornbrook, Bobby Hebert, Derek Holloway, Ken Lacy, Fred Logan, Tyrone McGriff, Cleo Miller, Terry Miller, Ray Pinney, Wayne Radloff, Dave Tipton, John Williams, and head coach Jim Stanley.


1960 NFL Series Two!

By the late 1980s, it was understood that the modern football era began in 1960. This made some sense because in the 80s we had the hindsight to recognize that 1960 was the beginning of pro football’s main expansion with the advent of the newly formed American Football League and the beginning of Pete Rozelle’s 30-year reign as NFL Commissioner. Looking back from the 21st century, 1960s football seems charming if not ancient. But the decade of the 1960s was the first real growth period in football’s modern era.

There were two football card sets in 1960, one taking the NFL players and the other dealing exclusively with the new AFL. This RetroCards set adds another 20 cards of NFL players. Designed as the first of two series, the 1960T RetroCards set includes the players from the Baltimore Colts, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Detroit Lions: Andy Nelson, Sherman Plunkett, Ernie Barnes, Gino Marchetti, Ken Panfil, Jerry Norton, Dick “Night Train” Lane, Bill Stacy,  Jimmy Orr, John Reger, Buddy Dial, Fred Williamson, Roger Brown, Gail Cogdill, John Gordy, Harley Sewall, and Alex Karras. This set also includes a wrapper card and Championship card of the 1959 classic between the Colts and the Giants.

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