1971-72T Milwaukee Bucks RetroCards Set


The drafting of Lew Alcindor (soon to become Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) in 1969, enabled the Milwaukee Bucks to quickly build a championship team. The final piece was trading for Oscar Robertson and once he was added to a roster of excellent role players, the Buck quickly became an elite team. The original set offered a great collection of players but this RetroCards set covers the players with no card of that season: Dick Cunningham, Gary Freeman, Bob Grecean, Jeff Webb, Marv Winkler, Bill Zopf and head coach Larry Costello. Additional card include a team card, logo card, Alcindor MVP Award, and a Milwaukee Arena card.

  • 1971-72T Team Champions Milwaukee Bucks

    card number: 234

  • 1971-72T Dick Cunningham Milwaukee Bucks

    college: Murray State

    card number: 236

  • 1971-72T Gary Freeman Milwaukee Bucks

    college: Oregon State

    card number: 237

  • 1971-72T Bob Grecean Milwaukee Bucks

    college: Rutgers

    card number: 238

  • 1971-72T Jeff Webb Milwaukee Bucks

    college: Kansas State

    card number: 239

  • 1971-72T Marv Winkler Milwaukee Bucks

    college: Louisiana

    card number: 240

  • 1971-72T Bill Zopf Milwaukee Bucks

    college: Duquesne

    card number: 241

  • 1971-72T Larry Costello Milwaukee Bucks

    college: Niagara University

    card number: 235

  • 1971-72T NBA MVP Lew Alcindor

  • 1971-72T Arena Milwaukee Bucks

    card number: 243

  • 1971-72T Logo Milwaukee Bucks

    card number: 244