1978-79T NBA RetroCards Set • Series 1


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This set is the first of three series that comprise of players that didn’t have a card in the 1978-79 basketball set or is now shown with their new team. This set contains two post season cards, a wrapper card and features the following teams: Washington Bullets, New Orleans Jazz, Atlanta Hawks, Seattle SuperSonics, Portland Trailblazers, and Buffalo Braves.

In addition to the three series, there is a Milwaukee Bucks team set as well as a special set featuring the TV show The White Shadow.

  • 1978-79T NBA Wrapper


    card number: 133

  • 1978-79T NBA Championship

    NBA Finals: Washington Bullets vs. Seattle SuperSonics

    MVP: Wes Unseld

    card number: 134

  • 1978-79T NBA All-Star Game

    1978 NBA All Star Game

    MVP: Randy Smith

    card number: 135

  • 1978-79T Jim McElroy New Orleans Jazz

    college: Central Michigan University

    card number: 136

  • 1978-79T Don Watts New Orleans Jazz

    Don "Slick" Watts

    college: Xavier University of Louisiana

    card number: 137

  • 1978-79T Wayne Rollins Atlanta Hawks

    college: Clemson

    card number: 138

    Wayne "Tree" Rollins

  • 1978-79T Tom McMillen Atlanta Hawks

    college: Maryland

    card number: 139

  • 1978-79T John Johnson Seattle SuperSonics

    college: Iowa

    card number: 140

  • 1978-79T Bruce Seals Seattle SuperSonics

    college: Xavier University of Louisiana

    card number: 141

  • 1978-79T Lloyd Neal Portland Trailblazers

    college: Tennessee State

    card number: 142

  • 1978-79T Corky Calhoun Portland Trailblazers

    college: Penn

    card number: 143

  • 1978-79T Gus Gerard Buffalo Braves

    college: Virginia

    card number: 144

  • 1978-79T Marvin Barnes Buffalo Braves

    college: Providence

    card number: 145

  • 1978-79T Bird Averitt Buffalo Braves

    college: Pepperdine

    card number: 146

  • 1978-79T Greg Ballard Washington Bullets

    college: Oregon

    card number: 147

  • 1978-79T Phil Chenier Washington Bullets

    college: California

    card number: 149

  • 1978-79T Charles Johnson Washington Bullets

    college: California

    card number: 149

  • 1978-79T Larry Wright Washington Bullets

    college: Grambling

    card number: 150