1978-79T NBA RetroCards Set • Series 2


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This is the second of three series of 1978-79 NBA players. Teams featured include: Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Nets, Cleveland Cavalier, Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls and the Golden State Warriors.

In addition to the three series, there is a Milwaukee Bucks team set as well as a special set featuring the TV show The White Shadow.

  • 1978-79T Cazzie Russell Chicago Bulls

    college: Michigan

    card number: 151

  • 1978-79T Tom Boerwinkle Chicago Bulls

    college: Tennessee

    card number: 152

  • 1978-79T James Silas San Antonio Spurs

    college: Stephen F. Austin

    card number: 153

  • 1978-79T Coby Dietrick San Antonio Spurs

    college: San Jose State

    card number: 154

  • 1978-79T Harvey Catchings Philadelphia 76ers

    college: Hardin-Simmons University

    card number: 155

  • 1978-79T Joe Bryant Philadelphia 76ers

    college: La Salle

    card number: 156

  • 1978-79T Charles Dudley Golden State Warriors

    college: Washington

    card number: 157

  • 1978-79T Nate Williams Golden State Warriors

    college: Utah State University

    card number: 158

  • 1978-79T John Havlicek Boston Celtics

    college: Ohio State

    card number: 159

  • 1978-79T Ernie DiGregorio Boston Celtics

    college: Providence

    card number: 160

  • 1978-79T Bingo Smith Cleveland Cavaliers

    Bobby "Bingo" Smith

    college: Tulsa

    card number: 161

  • 1978-79T Jim Brewer Cleveland Cavaliers

    college: Minnesota

    card number: 162

  • 1978-79T Mack Calvin Denver Nuggets

    college: USC

    card number: 163

  • 1978-79T Bo Ellis Denver Nuggets

    college: Marquette

    card number: 164

  • 1978-79T Alvin Scott Phoenix Suns

    college: Oral Roberts

    card number: 165

  • 1978-79T Curtis Perry Phoenix Suns

    college: Missouri State

    card number: 166

  • 1978-79T Eddie Jordan New Jersey Nets

    college: Rutgers University

    card number: 167

  • 1978-79T Jan Van Breda Kolff New Jersey Nets

    college: Vanderbilt

    card number: 168