1978-79T White Shadow RetroCards Set


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This 12-card RetroCards set features the show The White Shadow. Starring Ken Howard, this popular tv drama dealt with a former NBA basketball player accepting a coaching position in an inner-city Los Angeles high School.

  • 1978-79T Team White Shadow

    Carver High School basketball Team 1978-79

    card number: 1

  • 1978-79T Coach Reeves White Shadow

    Coach Ken Reeves played by Ken Howard

    card number: 2

  • 1978-79T Sybil Buchanan White Shadow

    Sybil Buchanan played by Joan Pringle

    card number: 3

  • 1978-79T Satisfying Win White Shadow

    card number : 4

  • 1978-79T Cheerleaders White Shadow

    card number : 5

  • 1978-79T Buying In White Shadow

    card number : 6

    James "Hollywood" Hayward played by Thomas Carter

  • 1978-79T Setting Him Straight White Shadow

    card number: 7

    Warren Coolidge played by Byron Stewart

  • 1978-79T Locker Talk White Shadow

    card number: 8

    Morris Thorpe played by Kevin Hooks

    Curtis "CJ" Jackson played by Erik Kilpatrick

  • 1978-79T Salami Hall Pass White Shadow

    card number: 9

    Mario "Salami" Pettrino played by Vincent Van Patten

  • 1978-79T Sideline Sybil White Shadow

    card number: 10

  • 1978-79T Globetrotters Visit White Shadow

    card number: 11

  • 1978-79T Globetrotters Demo White Shadow

    card number: 12