1982-83T Boston Celtics RetroCards Set


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There was no expansive basketball set for NBA players for the 1982-83 season. This RetroCards set utilizes a popular 1982 baseball design to create an exciting set for the Boston Celtics that includes 11 player cards, two In Action cards, Coach card plus season highlights.

  • 1982-83T Team Boston Celtics


    card number: 1

  • 1982-83T Danny Ainge Boston Celtics

    college: BYU

    card number: 2

  • 1982-83 Nate Archibald Boston Celtics

    college: Texas-El Paso

    card number: 3

  • 1982-83T Larry Bird Boston Celtics

    college: Indiana

    card number: 4

  • 1982-83T M.L. Carr Boston Celtics

    college: Guilford College

    card number: 5

  • 1982-83T Eric Fernsten Boston Celtics

    college: San Francisco

    card number: 6

  • 1982-83T Chris Ford Boston Celtics

    college: Villanova

    card number: 7

  • 1982-83T Gerald Henderson Boston Celtics

    college: Virginia Commonwealth

    card number: 8

  • 1982-1983T Cedric Maxwell Boston Celtics

    college: UNC Charlotte

    card number: 9

  • 1982-83T Kevin McHale Boston Celtics

    college: Minnesota

    card number: 10

  • 1982-83T Robert Parish Boston Celtics

    college: Centenary (LA)

    card number: 11

  • 1982-83T Rick Roby Boston Celtics

    college: Kentucky

    card number: 12

  • 1982-83T Bill Fitch Boston Celtics

    card number: 13

  • 1982-83T Larry Bird In Action Boston Celtics

    college: Indiana

    card number: 14

  • 1982-83T Red Auerbach Boston Celtics

    card number: 15

  • 1982-83T NBA Eastern Conference Semi Finals

    Boston Celtics vs Washington Bullets

    Celtics win in five games.

    card number: 16

  • 1982-83T NBA Eastern Conference Finals

    Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics

    76ers win in seven games

    card number: 17

  • 1982-83T Checklist Boston Celtics

    card number: 18