1960T NFL RetroCards Set • Series 1


© 2020

This RetroCards set adds another 20 cards of NFL players to the original 133-card 1960 set. Designed as the first of two series, the 1960T RetroCards set includes players from the Baltimore Colts, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Detroit Lions. It also includes a card featuring the 199 NFL Championship between the Giants and Colts and a wrapper card.

Check out other 1960 RetroCards team sets of the Giants, Cowboys, Bears, and Packers. 1960T series two includes players from the Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, and San Francisco 49ers.

  • 1960T Wrapper Card

    card number: 133

  • 1960T NFL Championship

    1959 NFL Championship Baltimore Colts vs New York Giants

    card number: 134

  • 1960T Andy Nelson Baltimore Colts

    college: Mempis

    card number: 135

  • 1960T Sherman Plunkett Baltimore Colts

    college: Md-Eastern Shore

    card number: 136

  • 1960T Ernie Barnes Baltimore Colts

    college: North Carolina College at Durham

    card number: 137

  • 1960T Art Donovan Baltimore Colts

    college: Notre Dame, Boston College

    card number: 138

  • 1960T Gino Marchetti Baltimore Colts

    college: San Francisco

    card number: 139

  • 1960T Ken Panfil St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Purdue

    card number: 140

  • 1960T Jerry Norton St. Louis Cardinals

    college: SMU

    card number: 141

  • 1960T Dick Lane St. Louis Cardinals

    college: West Nebraska CC Scottsbluff

    card number: 142

    Night Train

  • 1960T Bill Stacy St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Mississippi State

    card number: 143

  • 1960T Jimmy Orr Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Wake Forest, Clemson, Georgia

    card number: 144

  • 1960T John Reger Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Pittsburgh

    card number: 145

  • 1960T Buddy Dial Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Rice

    card number: 146

  • 1960T Fred Williamson Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Northwestern

    card number: 147

  • 1960T Roger Brown Detroit Lions

    college: Md-Eastern Shore

    card number: 148

  • 1960T Gail Cogdill Detroit Lions

    college: Washington State

    card number: 149

  • 1960T Harley Sewell Detroit Lions

    college: Texas

    card number: 151

  • 1960T John Gordy Detroit Lions

    college: Tennessee

    card number: 150

  • 1960T Alex Karras Detroit Lions

    college: Iowa

    card number: 152