1960T NFL RetroCards Set • Series 2


© 2021

This RetroCards set adds another 20 cards of NFL players to the original 133-card 1960 set. Series two features players from the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams.

1960T series one includes players from the Baltimore Colts, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Detroit Lions. Check out other 1960 RetroCards team sets of the Giants, Cowboys, Bears, and Packers.

  • 1960T Jim Marshall Cleveland Browns

    college: Ohio State

    card number: 153

  • 1960T Bernie Parrish Cleveland Browns

    college: Florida

    card number: 154

  • 1960T Mike McCormack Cleveland Browns

    college: Kansas

    card number: 155

  • 1960T Chuck Noll Cleveland Browns

    college: Dayton

    card number: 156

  • 1960T Eagle Day Washington Redskins

    college: Mississippi

    card number: 157

  • 1960T Dick James Washington Redskins

    college: Oregon

    card number: 158

  • 1960T Eddie LeBaron Washington Redskins

    college: Pacific

    card number: 159

  • 1960T Lamar Lundy Los Angeles Rams

    college: Purdue

    card number: 160

  • 1960T Don Burroughs Los Angeles Rams

    college: Colorad Sat

    card number: 161

  • 1960T Tommy Wilson Los Angeles Rams

    college: none

    card number: 162

  • 1960T Charlie Bradshaw Los Angeles Rams

    college: Baylor

    card number: 163

  • 1960T Norm Van Brocklin Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Oregon

    card number: 164

  • 1960T Timmy Brown Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Ball STate

    card number: 165

  • 1960T Tommy McDonald Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Oklahoma

    card number: 166

  • 1960T Art Powell Philadelphia Eagles

    college: San Jose State

    card number: 167

  • 1960T Sonny Jurgensen Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Duke

    card number: 168

  • 1960R Dave Baker San Francisco 49ers

    college: Oklahoma

    card number: 169

  • 1960T R.C. Owens San Francisco

    college: College of Idaho

    card number: 170

  • 1960T John Brodie San Francisco 49ers

    college: Stanford

    card number: 171

  • 1960T Lenny Lyles San Francisco 49ers


    card number: 172