1961F RetroCards Football Set • Series 2


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This 24-card RetroCards set features players that did not appear in the original 1961 card football set. This is the 2nd of five RetroCard series featuring 1961 cards.

  • 1961F John Wooten Cleveland Browns

    college: Colorado

    card number: 245

  • 1961F King Hill Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Rice

    card number: 246

  • 1961F Dick Klein Pittsburgh Steelerscollege: card number: 

    college: Iowa, Georgia

    card number: 247

  • 1961F Joe Perry Baltimore Colts

    college: Compton CC, California

    card number: 248

  • 1961F Vince Promuto Washington Redskins

    college: Holy Cross

    card number: 249

  • 1961F John Gonzaga Detroit Lions


    card number: 250

  • 1961F Jim Marshall Minnesota Vikings

    college: Ohio State

    card number: 251

  • 1961F Dick Nolan New York Giants

    college: Maryland

    card number: 252

  • 1961F Dave Jones Los Angeles Rams

    college: South Carolina, Mississippi State

    card number: 253


  • 1961F Norm Snead Washington Redskins

    college: Wake Forest

    card number: 254

  • 1961F J.D. Smith Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Rice

    card number: 255

  • 1961F Billy Ray Smith Baltimore Colts

    college: Auburn, Arkansas

    card number: 256

  • 1961F Ernie McMillan St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Illinois

    card number: 257

  • 1961F Red Mack Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Notre Dame

    card number: 258

  • 1961F Lenny Lyles San Francisco 49ers

    college: Louisville

    card number: 259

  • 1961F John Baker Los Angeles Rams

    college: North Carolina Central

    card number: 260

  • 1961F Len Dawson Cleveland Browns

    college: Purdue

    card number: 261

  • 1961F Pat Summerall New York Giants

    college: Arkansas

    card number: 262

  • 1961F Mel Triplett Minnesota Vikings

    college: Indianola, Mississippi

    card number: 263

  • 1961F Alex Karras Detroit Lions

    college: Iowa

    card number: 264

  • 1961F Bill Kilmer San Francisco 49ers

    college: UCLA

    card number: 265

  • 1961F Palmer Pyle Baltimore Colts

    college: Michigan State

    card number: 266

  • 1961F Danny Villanueva Los Angeles Rams

    college: New Mexico State

    card number: 267

  • 1961F Lou Groza Cleveland Browns

    college: Ohio State

    card number: 268