1961F RetroCards Football Set • Series 3


© 2018

This 24-card RetroCards set features players that did not appear in the original 1961 card football set. This is the 3rd of five RetroCard series featuring 1961 cards.

  • 1961F AFL Championship Game 1960

    card number: 269

    Houston Oilers vs. Los Angeles Chargers

  • 1961F Houston Antwine Boston Patriots

    college: Southern Illinois

    card number: 270

  • 1961F Moses Gray New York Titans

    college: Indiana

    card number: 271

  • 1961F Charley Hennigan Houston Oilers

    college: LSU, NW State LA

    card number: 272

  • 1961F Ernie Ladd San Diego Chargers

    college: Grambling State

    card number: 273

  • 1961F Wahoo McDaniel Denver Broncos

    college: Bernice, Louisiana

    card number: 274

  • 1961F Charley Powell Oakland Raiders


    card number: 275

  • 1961F Dave Kocourek San Diego Chargers

    college: Wisconsin

    card number: 276

  • 1961F Art Powell New York Titans

    college: San Jose State

    card number: 277

  • 1961F Gino Cappelletti Boston Patriots

    college: Minnesota

    card number: 278

  • 1961F Earl Faison San Diego Chargers

    college: Indiana

    card number: 279

  • 1961F Harold Olson Buffalo Bills

    college: Clemson

    card number: 280

  • 1961F Tal Niko Denver Broncos

    college: Oregon State

    card number: 281

  • 1961F Dick Harris San Diego Chargers

    college: McNeese State

    card number: 282

  • 1961F Dick Guesman New York Titans

    college: West Virginia

    card number: 283

  • 1961F Bob Talamini Houston Oilers

    college: Kentucky

    card number: 284

  • 1961F John Harris Oakland Raiders

    college: Santa Monica College

    card number: 285

  • 1961F Richie McCabe Buffalo Bills

    college: Pittsburgh

    card number: 288

  • 1961F Claude King Houston Oilers

    college: Houston

    card number: 289

  • 1961F Babe Parilli Boston Patriots

    college: Kentucky

    card number: 290

  • 1961F Fred Williamson Oakland Raiders

    college: Northwestern

    card number: 291

  • 1961F Gene Mingo Denver Broncos


    card number: 287

  • 1961F Chuck McMurtry Buffalo Bills

    college: Whittier

    card number: 286

  • 1961F Laverne Torczon Buffalo Bills

    college: Nebraska

    card number: 292