1961F RetroCards Football Set • Series 4


© 2018

This 24-card RetroCards set features players that did not appear in the original 1961 card football set. This is the 4th of five RetroCard series featuring 1961 cards.

  • 1961F Willie West St. Louis Cardinals

    College: Oregon

    Card Number: 293

  • 1961F Bobby Boyd Baltimore Colts

    college: Oklahoma

    card number: 294

  • 1961F Bob Waters San Francisco 49ers

    college: Presbyterian

    card number: 295

  • 1961F Ed Meador Los Angeles Rams

    college: Arkansas Tech

    card number: 296

  • 1961F Sam Etcheverry St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Denver

    card number: 297

  • 1961F Ray Wietecha New York Giants

    college: Michigan State

    card number: 298

  • 1961F Mike Henry Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: USCcard number: 299

  • 1961F Mike Rabold Minnesota Vikings

  • 1961F Marion Campbell Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Georgia

    card number: 301

  • 1961F Ed Culpepper St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Alabama

    card number: 302

  • 1961F Dick Moegle Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Rice

    card number: 303

  • 1961F Frank Varrichione Los Angeles Rams

    college: Notre Dame

    card number: 304

  • 1961F George Preas Baltimore Colts

    college: Virginia Tech

    card number: 305

  • 1961F Gene Hickerson Cleveland Browns

    college: Mississippi

    card number: 306

  • 1961F Jim Katcavage New York Giants


    card number: 307

  • 1961F Clendon Thomas Los Angeles Rams

    college: Oklahoma

    card number: 308

  • 1961F C.R. Roberts San Francisco 49ers

    college: USC

    card number: 309

  • 1961F Bert Rechichar Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Tennessee

    card number: 310

  • 1961F Charles Sumner Minnesota Vikings

    college: William & Mary

    card number: 311

  • 1961F Larry Wilson St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Utah

    card number: 3012

  • 1961F Andy Nelson Baltimore Colts

    college: Memphis

    card number: 313

  • 1961F Andy Stynchula Washington Redskins

    college: Penn State

    card number: 314

  • 1961F John Wittenborn Philadelphia Eagles

    college: SE Missouri State

    card number: 315

  • 1961F Jim Ray Smith Cleveland Browns

    college: Baylor

    card number: 316