1961F Retrocards Football Set • Series 5


© 2018

This 24-card RetroCards set features AFL players that did not appear in the original 1961 card football set. This is the last of five RetroCard series featuring 1961 cards.

  • 1961F Chuck Gavin Denver Broncos

    college: Tennessee State

    card number: 317

  • 1961F Roger Ellis New York Titans

    college: Maine

    card number: 318

  • 1961F Rommie Loudd San Diego Chargers

    college: UCLA

    card number: 319

  • 1961F Tony Teresa Oakland Raiders

    college: San Jose State

    card number: 320

  • 1961F Jack Rudolph Boston Patriots

    college: Georgia Tech

    card number: 321

  • 1961F Jerry Helluin Houston Oilers

    college: Tulane

    card number: 322

  • 1961F Bud McFadin Denver Broncos

    college: Texas

    card number: 323

  • 1961F Willie Smith Denver Broncos

    college: Michigan

    card number: 324

  • 1961F Don Chelf Buffalo Bills

    college: Iowa

    card number: 325

  • 1961F Keith Lincoln San Diego Chargers

    college: Washington State

    card number: 326

  • 1961F Ron Sabal Oakland Raiders

    college: Purdue

    card number: 327

  • 1961F Larry Grantham New York Titans

    college: Mississippi

    card number: 328

  • 1961F Chuck Shonta Boston Patriots

    college: Eastern Michigan

    card number: 329

  • 1961F Johnny Pyeatt Denver Broncos

    college: none

    card number: 330

  • 1961F Mark Johnston Houston Oilers

    college: Northwestern

    card number: 331

  • 1961F Jim Sorey Buffalo Bills

    college: Texas Southern

    card number: 332

  • 1961F Wayne Hawkins Oakland Raiders

    college: Pacific

    card number: 333

  • 1961F Bob McNamara Denver Broncos

    college: Minnesota

    card number: 334

  • 1961F Corky Tharp New York Titans

    college: Alabama

    card number: 335

  • 1961F Don Norton San Diego Chargers

    college: Iowa

    card number: 336

  • 1961F Orville Trask Houston Oilers

    college: Rice

    card number: 337

  • 1961F Jim Lee Hunt Boston Patriots

    college: Prairie View

    card number: 338

  • 1961F Tom Louderback Oakland Raiders

    college: San Jose State

    card number: 339

  • 1961F Emil Karas San Diego Chargers

    college: Dayton

    card number: 340