1962T NFL RetroCards Set • Series 3


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This 22-card set is a continuation of the several RetroCard team sets done for 1962. These cards feature players that either didn’t have a card in 1962 or are now featured with a different team. Team sets include the Cowboys, Packers (two series), Bears, Colts, Browns, and Vikings. The balance of the NFL teams appear in four 22-card series, of which this is the third. Special cards feature each team stadium, post season games, plus team and league highlights.

  • 1962T John Baker Philadelphia Eagles

    college: North Carolina Central

    number: 221

  • 1962T Pat Studstill Detroit Lions

    college: Houston

    number: 222

  • 1962T John Nisby Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Pacific

    number: 223

  • 1962T Ron Miller Los Angeles Rams

    college: Wisconsin

    number: 224

  • 1962T Roosevelt Brown New York Giants

    college: Morgan State

    number: 225

  • 1962T Steve Junker Washington Redskins

    college: Xavier

    number: 226

  • 1962T Howard Keys Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Oklahoma State

    number: 227

  • 1962T Willie McClung Detroit Lions

    college: Florida A&M

    number: 228

  • 1962T John Thomas San Francisco 49ers

    college: Pacific

    number: 229

  • 1962T Joe Krupa Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Purdue

    number: 230

  • 1962T Tom Redmond St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Vanderbilt

    number: 231

  • 1962T Lamar Lundy Los Angeles Rams

    college: Purdue

    number: 232

  • 1962T Bill McPeak Washington Redskins

    college: Notre Dame, Pittsburgh

    number: 233

  • 1962T Jim Vollenweider San Francisco 49ers

    college: Miami

    number: 234

  • 1962T Allan Webb New York Giants

    college: Arnold

    number: 235

  • 1962T Bill Koman St. Louis Cardinals

    college: North Carolina

    number: 236

  • 1962T Dick LeBeau Detroit Lions

    college: Ohio State

    number: 237

  • 1962T Joe Scibelli Los Angeles Rams

    college: Notre Dame, American International

    number: 238

  • 1962T San Francisco 49ers Highlight


    number: 239

  • 1962T Kezar Stadium San Francisco 49ers


    number: 240

  • 1962T Philadelphia Eagles Highlight

    Tommy McDonald & Sonny Jurgensen

    number: 241

  • 1962T Franklin Field Philadelphia Eagles


    number: 242