1962T NFL RetroCards Set • Series 1


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This 22-card set is a continuation of the several RetroCard team sets done for 1962. These cards feature players that either didn’t have a card in 1962 or are now featured with a different team. Team sets include the Cowboys, Packers (two series), Bears, Colts, Browns, and Vikings. The balance of the NFL teams appear in four 22-card series, of which this set is number one. Special cards feature each team stadium, post season games, plus team and league highlights.

  • 1962T Wrapper Card

    number: 177

  • 1962T NFL Pro Bowl

    number: 179

  • 1962T NFL Play Off Bowl

    number: 180

  • 1962T NFL Championship Packers vs. Giants

    number: 178

  • 1962T John Lovetere Los Angeles Rams

    college: Compton

    number: 181

  • 1962T Timmy Brown Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Ball State

    number: 182

  • 1962T Dan Colchico San Francisco 49erscollege:? number:?

    college: San Jose State

    number: 183

  • 1962T Brady Keys Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Colorado State

    number: 184

  • 1962T Galen Hall Washington Redskins

    college: Penn State

    number: 185

  • 1962T John Gonzaga Detroit Lions

    college: none

    number: 186

  • 1962T Pat Summerall New York Giants

    college: Arkansas

    number: 187

  • 1962 Luke Owens St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Kent State

    number: 188

  • 1962T Karl Rubke San Francisco 49ers

    college: USC

    number: 189

  • 1962T Nick Skorich Philadelphia Eagles


    number: 190

  • 1962T Dale Hackbart Washington Redskins

    college: Wisconsin

    number: 191

  • 1962T John Olszewski Detroit Lions

    college: California

    number: 192

  • 1962T Wally Lemm St. Louis Cardinals


    number: 193

  • 1962T Irv Cross Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Northwestern

    number: 194

  • 1962T Los Angeles Rams Highlight


    number: 195

  • 1962T Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles Rams


    number: 196

  • 1962T Pittsburgh Steelers Highlight


    number: 197

  • 1962T Forbes Field Pittsburgh Steelers


    number: 198