1962T NFL RetroCards Set • Series 2


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This 22-card set is a continuation of the several RetroCard team sets done for 1962. These cards feature players that either didn’t have a card in 1962 or are now featured with a different team. Team sets include the Cowboys, Packers (two series), Bears, Colts, Browns, and Vikings. The balance of the NFL teams appear in four 22-card series, of which this is the second. Special cards feature each team stadium, post season games, plus team and league highlights.

  • 1962T Vince Promuto Washington Redskins

    college: Holy Cross

    number: 199

  • 1962T Chuck Bednarik Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Pennsylvania

    number: 200

  • 1962T Bernie Casey San Francisco 49ers

    college: Bowling Green

    number: 201

  • 1962T Earl Morrall Detroit Lions

    college: Michigan State

    number: 202

  • 1962T Buddy Parker Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: North Texas, Centenary

    number: 203

  • 1962T Merlin Olsen Los Angeles Rams

    college: Utah State

    number: 204

  • 1962T Ernie McMillan St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Illinois

    number: 205

  • 1962T Dan James Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Ohio State

    number: 206

  • 1962T Roy Hord Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Duke

    number: 207

  • 1962T John Paluck Washington Redskins

    college: Pittsburgh

    number: 208

  • 1962T George Wilson Detroit Lions

    college: Northwestern

    number: 209

  • 1962T Joe Morrison New York Giants

    college: Cincinnati

    number: 210

  • 1962T Pervis Atkins Los Angeles Rams

    college: San Francisco State, New Mexico State

    number: 211

  • 1962T John Nocera Philadelphia Eagles



  • 1962T Red Hickey San Francisco 49ers


    number: 213

  • 1962T Dick Lynch New York Giants

    college: Notre Dame

    number: 214

  • 1962T Wayne Walker Detroit Lions

    college: Idaho

    number: 215

  • 1962T Roy Wilkins Washington Redskins

    college: Georgia

    number: 216

  • 1962T St. Louis Cardinals Highlight


    number: 217

  • 1962T Sportsman Park St. Louis Cardinals


    number: 218

  • 1962T New York Giants Highlight

    Allie Sherman, Coach of the Year

    number: 219

  • 1962T New York Giants Stadium


    number: 220