1962T NFL RetroCards Set • Series 4


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This 22-card set is a continuation of the several RetroCard team sets done for 1962. These cards feature players that either didn’t have a card in 1962 or are now featured with a different team. Team sets include the Cowboys, Packers (two series), Bears, Colts, Browns, and Vikings. The balance of the NFL teams appear in four 22-card series, of which this is the fourth. Special cards feature each team stadium, post season games, plus team and league highlights.

  • 1962T NFL Highlight Pete Rozelle


    number: 243

  • 1962T NFL Highlight President Kennedy

    college: Harvard

    number: 244

  • 1962T Deacon Jones Los Angeles Rams

    college: South Carolina State, Mississippi Vally State

    number: 244

  • 1962T Charley Johnson St. Louis Cardinals

    college: Schreiner College, New Mexico State

    number: 246

  • 1962T Jimmy Johnson San Francisco 49ers

    college: UCLA

    number: 247

  • 1962T Kyle Rote New York Giants

    college: SMU

    number: 248

  • 1962T Tom Brookshier Philadelphia Eagles

    college: Colorado

    number: 249

  • 1962T Jack Pardee Los Angeles Rams

    college: Texas A&M

    number: 250

  • 1962T Ed Khayat Washington Redskins

    college: Millsaps, Tulane

    number: 251

  • 1962T Johnny Sample Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Md-Eastern Shore

    number: 252

  • 1962T Frank Morze San Francisco 49ers

    college: Boston College

    number: 253

  • 1962T Tom Watkins Detroit Lions

    college: Iowa State

    number: 254

  • 1962T Bob Gaiters New York Giants

    college: New Mexico State

    number: 255

  • 1962T Bob Waterfield Los Angeles Rams

    college: UCLA

    number: 256

  • 1962T Dean Derby Pittsburgh Steelers

    college: Washington

    number: 257

  • 1962T Bob Khayat Washington Redskins

    college: Mississippi

    number: 258

  • 1962T Joe Robb St. Louis Cardinals

    college: TCU

    number: 259

  • 1962T Allie Sherman New York Giants

    college: Brooklyn

    number: 260

  • 1962T Detroit Lions Highlight


    number: 261

  • 1962T Tiger Stadium Detroit Lions


    number: 262

  • 1962T Washington Redskins Highlight


    number: 263

  • 1962T D.C. Stadium Washington Redskins


    number: 264