Wow! I got my 1967 and 1969 raiders team sets today! Outstanding! I have a Raiders collection of over 9300 cards that I believe might be the most complete Raiders collection in existence. Not many parallels and many oddball, hard to find sets. Your sets are certainly 2 of the jewels of my entire collection! The best part is that a few of the cards are of players that I previously didn't have in my collection! If you decide to make more vintage Raiders sets please let me know! Thanks!!!!!!

Mike Augustine, North Hampton, PA

RetroCards is like a dream come true for a collector like me. I’ve been collecting football cards since 1967 and RetroCards provides the perfect way to add to my vintage collection with beautiful, high-quality cards that look just like the real thing. From the “missing” Dallas Cowboys cards, to star cards that were never made, to first-time cards for lesser known players, each is created with care and attention to detail. Opening a package from RetroCards always brings a huge smile to my face!

Chuck Turner, Huntsville, AL

Where do I start in my praise for TheCowboysGuide RetroCards…the quality, customer service and price are all top notch. The creativity and the variety are amazing! However, the best thing is that the cards they have done for me enhance my collection and bring back the joy of collecting. They have been able to do cards for me I never thought were possible. Remember the joy you'd get opening a pack of cards when you were a kid and getting your favorites? Well, imagine getting every card you ever wanted done just exactly the way you want it. That's what you get from RetroCards. Simply put, they are the best at what they do! Thanks for everything.

Jeff Creamer, Petaluma, CA

I have been a card collector since 1963 (age 7) and a player of tabletop sports games since 1968. RetroCards has made my sports games a lot more fun. Over the years the major card companies would make a handful of players for each football team and you never had a full complimentary of players to play. Thanks to RetroCards you can get a card of any player that was on the rosters. Great quality product and very pleasant company to deal with. I always look forward to what they are producing next for all sports. It is always fun to get a card of a player you never had. Keep up the good work RetroCards and Thanks.

Paul G., Warren, Mich.

I'd really like to share my experiences with Retro Cards. There are several 'vintage-type' cards on the market but none come close to the amazing realistic front/backs of Retro Cards. There's great, memorable joy in finally being able to have cards of so many good players I grew up following. Retro Card's football, as well as baseball cards are so close to Topps that I've gotten confused many times between the two. As a collector of football/baseball cards since 1958 I very much recommend Retro Cards to every collector.

Craig C. - Pacifica, CA

RetroCards is great and fills a long-time need. Growing up the average football card set was only 120, 132 or 175 cards altogether, including team cards. I got frustrated with seeing all the great players who were not included year after year. Take the 49ers. Each year there were cards of Y.A.Tittle, Joe Perry, Hugh McIlhenny Billy Wilson, Joe Arenas and Leo Nomellini EVERY YEAR! Same guys. Topps did a very poor job of expanding the players in the sets. Lots of really fine players never got cards. RetroCards has taken care of that, enlarging the sets and fitting them right in with the originals without missing a beat. Ordering these cards has continued for a number of years and never ceases to amaze me with how perfect each set is. I've never been disappointed and continue to look forward to each new release. Job well done.

Mike K., Clinton Township, MI

Thanks to you for the trip down Memory Lane! Even over 50 years down the road. I am often asked for autographs and cards by friends or youth from my work with Boy Scouts and hospitals. I recently received a few hundred RetroCards and the quality is excellent. It is a joy to receive and share these! Thanks to Steve and the RetroCards Team. You've made a number of youngsters happy, including this nearly 78 year old, Thanks!

Don Healy - Chicago Bears 1958-1959, Dallas Cowboys 1960-1962






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