1969T San Diego Chargers RetroCards Set

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The Chargers closed out the 1960s rather admirably – with a 9–5 record in 1968 and an 8–6 record in 1969. Things took a turn for the worse after the NFL-AFL merger but the Chargers still employed an impressive array of players that made names for themselves in the 1960s and a few that became stars in the 1970s.
This 18-card set includes: Chuck Allen, Scott Appleton, Joe Beauchamp, Speedy Duncan, Jon Brittenum, Willie Frazier, Kenny Graham, Brad Hubbert, Gary Kirner, Keith Lincoln, Larry Little, Terry Owens, Dickie Post, Houston Ridge, Walt Sweeney, Jim Tolbert, Russ Washington, and head coach Sid Gillman. Get your set here!

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