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An earlier RetroCard post discussed the innovative “3rd down back” receiving position revolutionized by the Dallas Cowboys and Preston Pearson in the 1970s. But there was another less talked about receiver, also pioneered by the Cowboys. That was the “All-American Handsome Blond Receiver” position. The string of pretty-boy wide receivers that passed through the organization is interesting if not peculiar. Possibly foreseeing the marketing benefits of combining the long ball and good looks, the Cowboys began their quest and formulated a look becoming of “America’s Team.”The blond syndrome began in 1964. Despite having a rising star receiver in Frank Clarke...

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The 1973 Pittsburgh Steelers were still building and they stumbled slightly from the previous season where they went 11–3. Injuries to Franco Harris, French Fuqua, and quarterbacks Terry Bradshaw and Terry Hanratty slowed down the Pittsburgh offense as they managed only a second-place 10–4 record in 1973. The defense offered several All-Pros, making them still one stingy unit. This may have been a disappointing season in the eyes of the fans not having moved closer to a championship, but in hindsight, 1973 was merely a stepping stone bigger things to come in 1974. This 20-card set includes Warren Bankston, Rocky...

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